Katherine Trebeck and Katja Iversen on the Express Change Podcast

Two Amazing Women On The Express Change Podcast

I’ve been so busy with the post production of the documentary feature film I am currently working on — I didn’t even find the time to write about two inspiring conversations we posted on Express Change! Katja Iversen — “Step It Up” and Katherine Trebeck — “The Clusterfuck Monologues”.

Katja is the CEO of the “Museum for the United Nations – UN Live“, a project that tries to connect global culture with the goals of the UN. The conversation with her provides a very unique point of view into how conversations with the truly powerful work, and what they need to change the ways of our economies:

Katja Iversen, on the Express Change podcast.

The second one came out this past week, with Katherine Trebeck, the co-founder of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (she is also one of the two main protagonists in my documentary). In the conversation with her, I felt the palpable need for a turning point in the way economic systems change thinkers tackle their task: Move away from in-group debates, and towards a broader, more public conversation about the economy:

Katherine Trebeck, on the Express Change podcast.