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  • German Zero Is Hiring: Managing Director

    German Zero Is Hiring: Managing Director

    We are currently looking for a new person to strengthen the full-time team’s management in German Zero’s Berlin headquarter office. We want to build a larger team to run operations overall. A particular focus is on developing the organisation’s fundraising, policy development and communications activities. There’s a job offer on SmartRecruiters.com which you can find…

  • Dropping ‘Climate’ From Our Tagline

    Dropping ‘Climate’ From Our Tagline

    Soon after we started vollehalle, the show’s tagline became ‘the climate show that provides courage’ (sounds excessively clumsy in English, but it’s a decent slogan in German). By the time 2019 rolled around, we fit right in. The Fridays for Future movement was getting plenty of attention. Greta had become a star. Everyone was looking…