We live in turbulent times. Uncertain times. Times of upheaval and change. I am trying to be a constructive part of that change. Among other things, I am trying to do that by doing volunteer work for two non-governmental organisations.

German Zero logo

One is the German climate protection NGO German Zero. I helped found the organisation in 2019 and I have donated money to them over the years. Currently, I am serving as a member of the supervisory board (‘Vorstand’, volunteer).

German Zero is a dedicated team of people (a group of paid employees in the Berlin head office, and over a thousand volunteers all over the country) who focus on key strategic efforts to move the needle in climate protection policies.

Wellbeing Economy Alliance logo

The other is the international organisation Wellbeing Economy Alliance (in short: WEAll). WEAll was co-founded in 2018 by Katherine Trebeck, who is one of the protagonists of a documentary feature film I was shooting between 2018 and 2020. In that process, I witnessed the creation of WEAll and have formed friendships with some of the founders.

The film — which will be released in 2024 — tells the origin story of WEAll’s sister organisation ‘WEGo‘ (‘Wellbeing Economy Governments), a collaborative alliance of governments. Current members are Scotland, Iceland, New Zealand, Wales, and Finland. Partner countries are Canada and Australia.

I am producing the podcast EXPRESS CHANGE in collaboration with WEAll.

Both WEAll and WEGo set out to change our economic model and move us away from our self-destructive course of ‘never-ending GDP growth’, towards an economy focused on Wellbeing for People and Planet.