Rou Reynolds quote about manipulating emotions

Rou Reynolds: Rockstar and Systems Change Advocate

It was a particular pleasure to interview Rou Reynolds — lead singer, keyboardist and chief song writer in the band “Enter Shikari” — for our podcast “Express Change”. I had the chance to meet Rou already during our work on the documentary “Purpose”, so I knew already what a compelling combination of humble, insightful, entertaining, and just incredibly perceptive and smart he is. If we want to differentiate him from some other musicians, maybe this quote from our podcast is useful:

It felt like if I was gonna be given a stage, I wanted to use it for something, instead of just running around like a headless chicken, singing about the girl-friend that just dumped me, or the girl that I want that looks good on the dance floor.

Rou Reynolds, on the Express Change podcast

The interview was a lot of fun, even though we spoke about some very important — and some very troubling – issues. If you want to check it out, you’ll find it on our podcast web page over at “Spotify for Podcasters”, or in your regular podcast apps, like Apple podcasts or on Spotify.