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  • Charming A Crowd Into Attention

    Charming A Crowd Into Attention

    In January 24th, we had the chance to do a vollehalle gig at SID — “Stadtwerke Impact Day” in the northern German town of Lübeck (‘Stadtwerk’ is a nicely concise German term for ‘municipal energy company’. We can do short and sweet, who would’ve thought?!) SID is designed to unite forward-looking people in the municipal…

  • Dropping ‘Climate’ From Our Tagline

    Dropping ‘Climate’ From Our Tagline

    Soon after we started vollehalle, the show’s tagline became ‘the climate show that provides courage’ (sounds excessively clumsy in English, but it’s a decent slogan in German). By the time 2019 rolled around, we fit right in. The Fridays for Future movement was getting plenty of attention. Greta had become a star. Everyone was looking…