New Podcast: ‘Express Change’

Our new podcast “Express Change” (it’s my first!) is going live today, with a short 6-minute teaser episode. You can play it right here:

6 minute launch teaser for EXPRESS CHANGE — a podcast about art and activism

On this page, you’ll find links to all the platforms where the podcast is available — including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music.

Marina Gattàs at the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) and I have spent the last six months developing the concept, conducting the interviews, and preparing the launch. Here is an excerpt from the WEAll press release:

“In a world grappling with climate change, social inequality, and ecological breakdown, art and culture has a huge role to play in fostering meaningful societal change. With this understanding at its core, Wellbeing Economy Alliance, the global network for economic systems change activists, is excited to announce the launch of “Express Change,” a podcast exploring the transformative power of the arts in shaping a more sustainable and equitable future.

Hosted by Brazil-based Marina Gattás, Culture and Public Policy Lead at the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, and Martin Oetting, an artist and writer based in Berlin, Germany, “Express Change” delves into the ways in which art and creativity can challenge conventional narratives surrounding politics, economics, and the human experience. Through in-depth interviews with artists and creatives from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, the podcast aims to spark conversations about reimagining our economies to prioritize social justice and environmental stewardship.”

Sometimes, when political ideas and the desire to change the world take center stage, it’s easy to forget the emotional side of humanity. Argument and debate often tend to crowd out other forms of communication. The podcast will hopefully help us change that, if only a little. Here is Tim Jackson, one of the remarkable voices on our podcast:

Sustainability is the art of living well—within the ecological limits of a finite planet. Art is more than an instrument in this project. It’s the very nature of it. Art teaches us to look beyond the glitter of triumph and the shadow of disaster. This new podcast series promises to ignite crucial conversations on reshaping economies and societies, offering a platform for innovative ideas and inspiring voices to drive positive change. A pleasure to be part of it.

Tim Jackson about ‘Express Change’

This is the first project that I have developed entirely online, in video conferences, in shared documents and by email — both when Marina and created the concept and approach, and also for conducting the interviews. It’s been an incredibly inspiring experience, and I cannot wait to find out what people think about it. We’ll do 8 to 10 episodes for season 1 (not sure yet about the exact number), and then we’ll see how it goes. Here is a little background story about the podcast’s beginnings.

I hope you’ll enjoy Express Change!