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  • Incredible Iceland

    Incredible Iceland

    I just spent two weeks on a trip to Iceland. I drove my electric car to the Northern tip of Denmark and boarded a ferry there. By way of Faroe Islands, the ship needed two days to get to the little port of Seyðisfjörður on the Eastern end of Iceland. (Turns out: there is no…

  • Uploading my first film to a server in Iceland

    Uploading my first film to a server in Iceland

    Today is a big day. I uploaded a 33 GB file to an online space that’s managed by the people at Harpa venue in Iceland. Because that is where my documentary feature film “Purpose” will have its premiere on June 11th. The file (a 1080 HD mp4) is my finished film. It will be shown…

  • My Latest Animation Films

    My Latest Animation Films

    In the past weeks, I have posted a few more MOPALAB films. After ‘The Meet’, which I believe to be a highlight so far, I have added: This is probably the most political (?) of my animation films to date. When making it, I did not set out with that purpose in mind. I just…

  • The Last Leg of A Filmmaking Journey

    The Last Leg of A Filmmaking Journey

    I am typing this on the train, en route to Amsterdam, to see my filmmaker friend Martijn Veldhoen. He will help me with the final sound mix of my film ‘Purpose’. Martijn has made many documentary (mostly short) films, many of which have won prizes at film festivals. He is a fairly unique filmmaker in…

  • ‘The Meet’ — a 40-Second Film Noir

    ‘The Meet’ — a 40-Second Film Noir

    Here is the latest film on my animation channel. I am quite fond of this one, the old man took a while to draw, and animating those hands wasn’t easy either. I am quite pleased with the final result though.

  • Presenting My New Animation Film Project: ‘MOPALAB’

    Presenting My New Animation Film Project: ‘MOPALAB’

    Visual creativity matters a great deal to me. It always has. I love the drawing style of Hergé. I was also very influenced by the early cover designs of the German youth book series “Die drei ???” by Aiga Rasch. I’ve been drawing all my life, on and off, starting when I was two years…

  • “Causeway” vs. “Dune 2”

    “Causeway” vs. “Dune 2”

    I know this is most likely a minority opinion. And some will consider what I’m saying ridiculous. But here it goes: I did not like “Dune 2”. I thought “Causeway” was much better. Bear with me. Last weekend, I watched Causeway — a 2022 drama starring Jennifer Lawrence and Brian Tyree Henry — on Apple…

  • The Anguish of Streaming and Apple TV+

    The Anguish of Streaming and Apple TV+

    Some time last year, I decided to turn my back on streaming services — Netflix and Disney+ in my case. There were two main reasons. Reason one: The quality of the offering was no longer the same. What had drawn me to Netflix back in 2012 (!) was that they allowed me to watch good…

  • A New Film Project

    A New Film Project

    This is a teaser. I’m working on something new. And it’s really fun. More to come … watch this space. Update April 11th 2024: Here are the details.