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  • “Causeway” vs. “Dune 2”

    “Causeway” vs. “Dune 2”

    I know this is most likely a minority opinion. And some will consider what I’m saying ridiculous. But here it goes: I did not like “Dune 2”. I thought “Causeway” was much better. Bear with me. Last weekend, I watched Causeway — a 2022 drama starring Jennifer Lawrence and Brian Tyree Henry — on Apple…

  • The Anguish of Streaming and Apple TV+

    The Anguish of Streaming and Apple TV+

    Some time last year, I decided to turn my back on streaming services — Netflix and Disney+ in my case. There were two main reasons. Reason one: The quality of the offering was no longer the same. What had drawn me to Netflix back in 2012 (!) was that they allowed me to watch good…