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  • My Latest Animation Films

    My Latest Animation Films

    In the past weeks, I have posted a few more MOPALAB films. After ‘The Meet’, which I believe to be a highlight so far, I have added: This is probably the most political (?) of my animation films to date. When making it, I did not set out with that purpose in mind. I just…

  • Presenting My New Animation Film Project: ‘MOPALAB’

    Presenting My New Animation Film Project: ‘MOPALAB’

    Visual creativity matters a great deal to me. It always has. I love the drawing style of Hergé. I was also very influenced by the early cover designs of the German youth book series “Die drei ???” by Aiga Rasch. I’ve been drawing all my life, on and off, starting when I was two years…

  • A New Film Project

    A New Film Project

    This is a teaser. I’m working on something new. And it’s really fun. More to come … watch this space. Update April 11th 2024: Here are the details.